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Category: From the Heart

Why I Moved Back to Wisconsin …

Our dream of Florida, at that time, was everything we had hoped it would be.  We got to live in two beautiful homes, the second being my favorite. Our adventures […]

Let’s start with this…

Well, its been 5 years since the last time I blogged. 5 years…wow. Saying it out loud in my head is crazy. So much has happened in that span of […]

Getting Perspective is Golden

We were blessed to be able to travel back home to our great State of WI last week to visit family on both sides for Thanksgiving. Before we had left, […]

Don’t Push It

So I am all signed up for several Disney races, and as I was training this morning, I kept telling myself over and over “Don’t Push It.”  And I thought […]

Letting Go of the Fear

It is only human to be scared of something. I am scared of many things, but when it came to relocating, I was terrified.  Would I ever find new friends, […]