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A Year Later….Update on the Road Trip and Me

It would be a year ago today that I was packing up my car, aka Ellie, and getting ready to hit the road for one hell of an epic road trip. I was ready. All of the planning, the selling, the saving, the hours spent connecting one dot to another on map upon map…it had all lead to this moment. I remember being intensely scared, could I do it, would I be able to do it. And then a rush of peace that just whispered “What is meant for you is meant for you Amy” and that was it.  We had just wrapped up Emily’s birthday the day before, I had the day to pack and prepare, and then just breathe and wait for the next day.

For those of you who followed this epic road trip, life loves to hand us lemons, doesn’t it? And, I am one for making lemonade most of the time, but this hit different. All the planning, the time and effort put in, it was harder than you realize to say “Maybe I should stop.” Why? Well, we had the Delta variant coming out at the time, and even though I was fully vaxxed, something didn’t feel right. I could hear people buzzing at gas stations and rest stops that they may close things again, that it was ramping up again. My fear? Getting it and being alone with it.  Doesn’t matter if it felt only like a cold with the vax, I would still be alone dealing with it, and having to quarantine for a week in a hotel by myself. When I was heading out, we were supposed to be coming to a somewhat end to all of this. I wasn’t worried, but as time went on and more and more were privately checking on me and getting concerned, I knew that maybe it was time to put a pin in it and revisit it again later. Adventure will always be there, we just have to have the courage to be at peace with the timing of it. Mine was 73 days I believe. Next will be more.

So as you know, I headed home, although home was now Wisconsin. Craig and the kids moved back last summer, and I wasn’t sure at the time where I was going to live because I was going to be on the road for a year. Decisions I didn’t need to make until I was ready. But, fate had other plans and I have been in WI since and it’s funny how the Universe will show you why certain things needed to happen as they did.

Like I have posted before, Mom broke her wrist on the ice in December and I helped her with everything over the next 3 months because my step-dad couldn’t due to his own heart attack months before.  Then my Dad lost the love of his life of 20 plus years to dementia, so I was able to be here for him through that dark storm. Now both Mom and Dad need me for other areas in their lives, and I just feel I would have kicked myself ten times over had I not been here to help them through these hard times. So, it’s ok. 

I miss Florida, I am not going to lie about that. I will be headed for a trip in October and then again in February or March for a longer snowbird stay at a friends house. I get still very depressed here with the dark days of winter, and for my own mental health, it will just be nice to hang out with my girlfriends, enjoy the sunshine, and of course, enjoy Disney for the month. We still haven’t ruled out moving back one day, but parents are priority one right now. All of ours live up here, so we want to make sure to take advantage of being back and the time we have left with them. Sounds morbid, but you get it.

I am looking forward to another road trip maybe in the Spring, I have so much on my plate this summer and Fall already, so I am taking it one day at a time. Kids are great, or should I say, my young, beautiful, adult daughters. Both are working, Kyra’s in college too, and I could not be happier at the strides both have made in the past year living here. Craig and I are doing great too, working on any marriage takes time but we are happy with the progress we have made. Midwest living is a lot slower then Southern, and I just have to say, it’s been a pleasure not dealing with crowds anymore at the gas stations, grocery stores, and anything else you can think of. Now, of course I miss running to Disney on a morning like this and having a Citrus Swirl, but I also know that I was hella blessed to be there for a decade with my family and do what we go to do. AND I got to share it with my online family and friends, and honestly, still my favorite part of this entire experience was meeting each and every one of you. Whether a lesson or  blessing, I loved you, and I hope you felt that.

So there’s the update, the Petermanns are living the dream in Wisconsin again. And although Florida can feel like it never happened being back here, I know it was one hell of a ride. Stay tuned for announcements on the next road trip, I am purging more Disney items for sale which will be listed on the blog first (some time in June), and I hope you enjoy our other adventures. For now, starting tomorrow, the posts from my road trip a year ago tomorrow will be posted again- I have revised, tweaked, added photos and videos, and made them a bit more meaty. When I wrote them last year, I was pressed for time every evening to get them done, and I really wanted to get them done right. Even if nobody cares, I do. I care about my work and I want to look back one day and see all the details and remember those amazing times.

Thank you ALWAYS for your support, subscribing to the blog, following me on Facebook or Instagram, and honestly, for just being a part of my little spot on this big, blue, amazing ball. Love you, enjoy the throwback starting tomorrow!


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