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Florida Trip Report/Sea World…. Day Eleven

Our last official day in Florida, not sad to see it end, but happy for the opportunity of non-interrupted time together. Time to chat about our future plans, the home we want to buy, where we want to live and how we want to live. That’s one thing I have always loved about Craig, we can talk about anything. So with the weeks euphoria still fueling our hearts and minds, we landed on Sea World as the last day. I have an Annual Pass here and I get to bring in a person free on my Membership level, plus I get preferred parking. It was great parking by the entrance, getting Craig in, and just enjoying the beauty of this Park. 

They are remodeling “Sting Ray Lagoon” so we passed on it and headed to the dolphins. Fun to watch the trainers feeding and playing with them, we then headed over to “Turtle Trek.” I LOVE this area! The aquariums below are mesmerizing to watch, and I have to say, the music they play through out the Park is magical and peaceful. The show is no longer running, so we walked through the bottom to see the aquariums and then we made it around to the top of the water to see the Manatees area. The Sea World employees are so knowledgeable and are willing to answer any questions you have.

Dolphin Cove
Turtle Trek Area
Git Gator Git!

It was time to go visit our penguins, something we have both shared for a long time. That ride is also not running anymore, so it’s just a visit to see the penguin crew inside. I love that you can get so close to them in here, at one time there wasn’t a net or top shield so the penguins were just swimming and jumping right into the public viewing area! After we had enough, which it IS 30 some degrees in there, we grabbed a soda and sat for a little bit.

A visit to the Sea Lions next, and we had a BLAST here! We talked to the team member here as she explained about the babies just born, there were around 80 total Seals and Sea Lions in that habitat, and that they spend most of their time there. I know sometimes Animal Kingdom brings their animals in for the night, so it was interesting to hear they don’t go anywhere except for Vet appointments.

I surprised Craig with lunch with the Orca Whales, so it was almost time to check in. Every time I tell people about this lunch it sounds like Orca was on the menu, nope, chicken, beef and salmon, but no whale. Check-in went smoothly, had a great seat next to each other, our own table, and in a nice corner that wasn’t in the thick of everyone else. Not a fan of being crowded when I eat, so we were loving our spot.

They gave you a menu, you choose whatever you want, and you can have as much as you want. I had the teriyaki chicken and beef brisket together with grilled vegetables, Spanish rice, and potato wedges. The food was absolutely delicious, and since we were there early, we were able to get seconds before the show started. The trainers came out and showed us how they teach the whales, how they do the shows, and so on. It was really cool to be so close to them. I highly recommend the meal!

After such a great time, we sauntered over to a famous street you may know…Sesame Street.  Loved getting pics with Craig over here, and we had way to much fun in the gift shop. I grabbed a shirt and I bought him a little Grover. Because everyone remembers….”NEAR……….FAR!!!” LOL

Our childhood never really leaves us

Wild Artic was next, where in the old days, they had the coolest Polar Bear in here, and even a ride. Ride is not active or even a thing anymore, maybe they are making a new one, but we had to get to the Walrus and Beluga Whale viewing through a different entrance in the gift shop. It was funny as we walked in, all of the Mardi Gras parade performers were walking out.  Said hello to the Beluga Whales, so cool, and then visited the Walruses and the baby, now a kid, was having fun with Craig at the glass- it was so adorable to watch him connect with this animal.  A very cool moment.

The young one took a liking to Craig

Last but not least, we had signed up for the “Up Close Encounter with Sea Lions” tour. We got to meet one, get a pic with him, talk to the trainers, and then fed them at the preserve area. It was SO LOUD of them barking for the fish, it was hilarious to try and hear yourself think. We were slated for the Penguin Tour but it got cancelled, so they offered us this one instead and we were definitely happy we tried it.

We each got a bucket of fish to feed them

The Aquarium and Shark Tunnel are a must, as we rounded out our day.

We finished off the day with a casual walk out of the Park, dining on Applebees in our hotel room, and getting ready for the long trek home. But hey, at least we didn’t have much to pack up, so there’s that. See you on the journey home tomorrow.

Patrick joins us at Finnegans at Universal Studios Orlando Florida 2022

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