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Florida Trip Report/Universal Studios…. Day Ten

Not needing to get into the Parks early today, we took our time packing up the room and playing Tetris in our vehicle. Why does it all seem to fit so well when you leave home but on the way back, even with souvenirs, seems to be so much more chaotic? I have gotten smarter with having an overnight bag for the one night or even two night hotel stays, separate from my long stay bag, so I don’t have to carry so much in with me. Yeah, I have to sleep with a fan on, my own pillow, etc.. so it’s enough to have all of that than a huge rolling bag when I only need stuff for a night. So we kept those bags separate for the next two nights, as we would be checking into Rosen Inn on International Drive that night.

Sunrise at Melia Celebration Resort

After we were all packed up and checked out, we grabbed a hashbrown and Diet Coke on our way to Universal Studios for the day.  Still sore from the races, we agreed to take it easy, not that we hadn’t been already, but even more so since I could barely get up and down from a chair. A shout to my awesome connection who blessed us with tickets to the Parks, always appreciated and loved!! We went to the original Universal Studios Park first, you know, the one to the right once you get through City Walk. As we walked in, we saw “Access Hollywood” was filming there, so we joked we may see Mario Lopez. Read to the end. LOL

We headed in, no problems with the passes, and went straight to E.T. My favorite ride in this Park, I just wanted to be able to ride that and get a Butterbeer and I would be a happy camper. Craig never went to Studios much when we lived there, so this was a treat to be able to do together. A small wait, we were soon in and I freaking LOVE this queue. The crickets, the forest, even the smell, it’s just magical in here. We gave the Team Member Kyra’s name so ET said goodbye to “Kyra” at the end- it is my ride with her so we wanted her to know we were thinking of her. We recorded it but we don’t know what E.T. garbled out…it’s always a gamble on that one LOL.

The beginning of the E.T. queue
Super excited waiting in the queue!
Welcome Home…. you’ve arrived! (My Fav Part)

Upon leaving one of the best gift shops (if you love all things E.T.), we saw the Lion from Madagascar out for a Meet and Greet. Nobody around, so I grabbed a quick pic with him. Then we checked out the SpongeBob Store and I fell in love with a large, stuffed Patrick, so yes, we bought him. Spongebob was doing Meet and Greets, so of course, I grabbed a pic.

Meet and Greet Area
He lives in a pineapple under the sea….

Craig and I checked out Springfield, it was empty while we were walking through, so we could check out more of the details along with taking pictures without the crowds. They were all in Diagon Alley or on the Coasters, so we had pretty much the other side of the Park to ourselves.

Doc was hanging out by the Train from “Back to the Future 3” which is located on the way to “Springfield” the Simpsons area
Welcome to Springfield!
Kwik-E-Mart in Springfield
They have a Monorail in Springfield? LOL
Moes Tavern

We walked around for a while, then eventually made it to the Harry Potter area for a Butter Beer and the surprise of all surprises! I loved these red licorice wheels they had at Disney, came in a Woody from Toy Story package, grabbed a bag now and then when I was in the Parks. During this last trip, couldn’t find them anywhere. Sad, but figured I was saving myself the sugar.  WELL we walk into the Candy shop in Diagon Ally and see that the self serve candy, the kind you can scoop, HAS THEM!!! I opened it and just revealed it to Craig like Vanna on Wheel of Fortune with the letters. I was so happy, I got two bags! Craig got the peach jelly rings, and we walked around, candy in hand while looking at the Transformers.

The Entrance to Diagon Alley
Diagon Alley
One of my favorite little hidden areas
Butter Beer Area
Licorice Wheels we call “Harry Holes” now because it’s in the Harry Potter Park LOL

Lunch was upon us and we happened to be walking past “Finnegans”- an Irish Pub Restaurant that I have dined in many times with Kyra and other folks.  We scored a walk up, and still being sore, the sit down felt incredible and I was famished.  Craig ordered this incredible burger, and I got shepherds pie. Patrick joined us as well, it was hilarious the pic we took, and I’m sure we got looks- who cares, we don’t live here anymore LOL. After lunch we found a cute film shop and I scored some “Ghostbusters” merch for my ghost hunting in the future.

On the way to lunch.
It WOULD have been a romantic meal but this guy was staring at us the whole time LOL
Shepherd’s Pie
On the way to the store we checked out the Transformers

We then headed over to “Islands of Adventure” which Craig had been to I think maybe once or twice ever, so I showed him everything they had done since he had been there. Superhero Island is still confusing to me since Disney owns the right to Marvel now so every time I walk through there I am perplexed. We honestly just walked the Park, hand in hand, no need for rides, just taking it all in. King Kong was the only one I would have liked too, line was over an hour, and my back would’ve never been able to take it so we passed. We checked out the new Jurassic Park ride and area, and then basically swam through the large crowds in Hogsmeade.  

Tired but still wanted to see the Park and everything new there
Islands of Adventure

By this point, we are both exhausted.  We had “Toothsome” reservations, but cancelled because we just wanted to check in to Rosen and chill.  As we are leaving, we are passing the “Access Hollywood” filming area, and I casually look to see where Mario is. And then this woman SCREAMS, we turn around, and he is RIGHT BEHIND US. We were all so in shock from her screaming that Craig and I laughed and said “Oh hey, there is Mario” and we left LOL.

Access Hollywood films in CityWalk in Orlando, Florida in the Universal Studios area on 2.28.2022

Check-in went well, nothing to write home about “Rosen Inn.” The room was nice, definitely cheaper than Melia, and it was in the location we needed. We wanted to be close to Universal and Sea World and not deal with I4 at all. So for where it was, it served its purpose, and I know we have all been there. Taco Bell for dinner, tv for the night, chilled so we would be rested for our last day…Sea World. See you there tomorrow!

Thank you for your kindness and support!

I work hard at bringing the spirit of adventure for the purpose of inspiring travel all around the Country. Thank you for stopping by and have a day FILLED with Kindness!!!


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