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Florida Trip Report/Disney’s Princess Half-Marathon…. Day Nine

Another race day, another 2 a.m. wake up call.  A bit rougher this one, not going to lie. My left quad was on fire, and felt like it was made of lead. I was a bit concerned, but I was committed to running this half, and getting my medals for that and the Fairytale Challenge. I am no quitter, so I was in this, whether my body felt like it or not.  I would just take it easy, try my best, all I could do. Nothing like training 10 mile Sunday runs for 6 weeks prior just to have your days at the Parks or the 10k be just a bit to much on this body. But, it was happening. Craig dropped me off with my good luck kiss, and I was off to run, again. I’m sorry, HOW do you Dopey Challengers do it?? I am SO NOT WORTHY of you!!

Today I found another table to sit at for a bit, chatted with another new friend, and then decided I needed to stretch out a bit more than yesterday and shake off the anxiety.  Yesterday I was excited, today I was just a wreck. Nervous, stressed, and I knew how silly that was since I had the power to make it happen or not. So after a pep talk with myself, I got into my corral early and chatted with some really sweet ladies. As we queued up for the starting line, things were running late, so we all chatted, like us ladies do. I learned of a woman who lost her husband recently and was running in his honor, while another lady I met literally used to live down the road from me in Davenport. They were so nice to chat with and they have no idea they helped me SO MUCH with my nervousness by distracting me with other things to talk about.  Nothing makes me smile more than when I make new friends, I hope to see both of them in the future on my travels.

My new friends, Lori and Bobbi

I think I crossed the starting line after 5:30 a.m. this time, and I felt pretty good. Despite my nerves being shot, I was running a decent pace. I wouldn’t beat my best time, but I was proud of how steady I felt.  And then we started our journey towards Magic Kingdom….past Contemp, into the bus station area, and as we are about to enter, we pass under the Train Station where Mickey and Minnie are waving us in!

One of my faves is running through the Auto Plaza area
Monorails honk at the runners when they go by
Headed towards Contemporary Resort
Where the road dips under the Disney waterway
Running past Space Mountain as we enter the Magic Kingdom Bus Area

I just start choking up like a big baby, I couldn’t contain it. The tears swelled with every step down Main Street, the crowds cheering and clapping, my Castle at the end in all her glory. I just ugly cried all the way, soaking up every second. They take you through Tomorrowland, past Little Mermaid, through Fantasyland, to the back of the Castle, down the front, then through Liberty Square and Adventureland while exiting out past Splash Mountain. It’s honestly the coolest part of the entire run, and the last really cool part until mile 12. Seriously. From basically Mile 6 to 12 is a long trudge down World Drive in the blaring hot sun that has now come up. No shade, just pavement. I knew I had to get to the Epcot ramp to not get swept, and I was fighting it. All that training, all that hard work- I REFUSED to give up, no matter how much I just wanted my body to stop.

The Little Mermaid Area
Running through Frontierland, past Splash Mountain, and then inside Backstage

So I kept going…I made it up that ramp and then kept going into Epcot. The once Park that was so exciting to run into yesterday was now a safe haven for my quads that were ready to be done. I tried to take pics, but I was at a point that if I could have, I would have chucked my phone out of pure frustration with how sore I was. Then you come back into your body and realize you’re almost done, it’s almost over. Craig was texting me the most loving and wonderful kind words to keep me going, and then he reminded me I got my Ale House mojitos for lunch that day and that was it….the allure of alcohol in my old spot got me to the end LMAO.

The infamous Epcot Ramp
Over World Drive, this is the point in 2014 where I looked down and everyone had disappeared and there was traffic- I had been that close to being swept.
High School Marching Band
Running Backstage at Epcot, flowers being prepared for “Flower and Garden Festival”
New Figment Statue outside of “Journey into Imagination”
Abu and The Magic Carpet from “Aladdin” on the Course
Running past the “Creations Shop”
Running past the other side of Spaceship Earth, opposite from the 10k
The Jammitors
The Gospel Choir singing us to the Finish Line
….and the end is here.

I finished, I did it, got my Half-Marathon Medal and then walked to a special area for my Fairytale Challenge Medal. I was limping by this point, all my snacks and goodies in my arms, desperately looking for Craig to help me walk to the car. Yesterday I had pep, today I was pooped. After 28 miles of walking in the Parks, and a 10k of running the day before, and now 13.1 miles of just moving my body…..I was spent.  “Amy, you just completed the Fairytale Challenge, what are you going to do next?” “I already went to Disney World… I’m going to Miller’s Ale House!” You bet your sweet ass I did!

Me at the Finish Line with my hands in the air (Thanks to the hubby for grabbing this pic!)
The Mulan Medal
The Fairy Tale Challenge Medal too!
The Bling I came home with 🙂

After a much-needed shower and nap, I woke up and just looked at Craig and said “IT’S TIME.” We both laughed so hard, we may need an intervention. We went to our old stomping grounds in Champions Gate, and for a Sunday afternoon, it wasn’t too busy. We even got our booth, I know, HOW LAME LOL. We ordered our Fillet Mignon, and not one, but TWO pitchers of Mojitos. When I tell you I got drunk…I got drunk. AND IT WAS GLORIOUS!!! I earned every sip, and it felt amazing. I was so proud I had done it, and I didn’t quit. So for all you kids out there, if you run your best, you get alcohol. “The More You Know.”

Why use the glass when you can just drink from the pitcher of Mojitos?
Craig was responsible and used a glass lol
My FAVORITE meal at Ale House…Fillet Mignon, mashed potatoes, and Mojitos!
Cheesecake because I ran a Half-Marathon LOL

I enjoyed my buzz while we took a drive and then chilled out by the pool for the evening. I was so sore still that I just didn’t want to move anything, anymore. It was just me and my phone and a deck chair. Craig ran back to Disney Springs to buy these “UP” Apple Watch bands we wanted to wear to match, ‘cause its cool, stop judging. LOL They had black version and white version, which was nice because they matched our watch faces then.

UP Apple Watchbands

We chatted poolside when he returned, and then went upstairs to start packing to leave Melia on Monday and check into The Rosen near Universal Studios the next day. See you then!

Thank you for your support and kindness!

I work hard at bringing the spirit of adventure for the purpose of inspiring travel all around the Country. Thank you for stopping by and have a day FILLED with Kindness!!!


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