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Florida Trip Report/Disney’s Princess 10k…. Day Eight

To my pleasant surprise, I woke up with no issues at 2 a.m. A solid 6 hours, I felt good, nervous, and excited. My running man built on the floor, I grabbed my gear and started to dress, with the ever nervous moment where you try to pin your bib on your shirt and not your skin LOL.  Craig still asleep, I was letting him sleep until I was just about to leave.  With one car, he had to drop me off at Epcot both days, at the ripe old time of 3 a.m.- have I mentioned I won the lottery with this guy? 

Ready as I will ever be!
My Bib Number for both Races

I can’t tell you the butterflies in my tummy on race day…it’s something else. I hadn’t done a race since January 2020. It was the Disney one and I had really enjoyed it, it was coming off a high of having both my parents in town and then getting super excited about my upcoming road trip. The crisp, cool air in the morning on your face and bare shoulders, while you walk past the shadow of a beautifully lit up Spaceship Earth- nothing like it. Once past security, I found a picnic table to sit at, as I have learned sitting on the ground kills my back and standing for over and hour and a half before running is just wasted energy. I met some new people including a young man who was running for the first time, which is always exciting to encourage and talk about.  The other gal and me gave him tips, and he was so kind and thankful since no one was watching him run or even come to the finish line. My hope is that he did well – I am sure he crushed it.

Spaceship Earth all lit up at the beginning of a Race Day is so cool.
The Finish Line all set to go

This race was a bit different, the corrals weren’t by letters and we weren’t walking miles on end to get to our spots. They directed us in the Epcot parking lot, which is where both my races started, and there were only 5 corrals. I was in #3, as I forgot to submit my time, so I just decided I would run whatever they gave me. The plus on this new system was that we didn’t have to walk a long way right before running. The down-side to this one was that it was a lot more smashed in, and if you didn’t get into your designated one early on, you were left in the back. Either way, fireworks go off for every wave they have cross the starting line, and I started around 5:20 a.m.

The entrance to the Corrals and Starting Line
Sitting and chilling before the Race
Back of the pack in my Corral for the 10k so I got a great view of the next one LOL
What it looks like when waiting for your turn to start….
Ready to start!!
My 10k officially begins

I LOVED this race! A 10k is the perfect amount of distance to run without feeling like you’re dying and still feel peppy after the run.  I had never done this course before, even though I had done the 10k for the Star Wars Inaugural Race, we had run into the “Fantasmic” Theater for that one, where we didn’t here, nor did we go through Animal Kingdom. This course took us out of Epcot, down World Drive, onto ramps, into Studios, (pee break-always wait until the Parks to use their restrooms and not the porta johns), then onto the walkway that connects Studios to the Epcot’s Resorts area, past Yacht and Beach Club, then into Epcot’s World Showcase and then boom, done!

Leaving Epcot, got to grab a pic!
Joy and Sadness were out for pics!
Running the large ramp
Loved all of the cheering and support.
I love this pic, it’s all the runners on the large ramp off World Drive.
Heading into Disney’s Hollywood Studios
Coming in from behind “Tower of Terror”
We are inside the Park, and I have to pee!
Running Sunset Boulevard
Studios Entrance while the sun is coming up
Pascal and Rapunzel
Running past Hollywood’s Skyliner Station
All the runners going past Disney’s Yacht and Beach Clubs
One of the best signs I saw!
Running into World Showcase, an empty UK Area in the morning
Sunrise between the Peter Pan Topiary
Clarabelle Cow hanging out near Imagination
Running past Nemo and Friends

The weather was great, I felt I had time and energy to run a great race while stopping to take photos, and when I finished I told Craig “Wow, that was quick!”  (Keep in mind, I run a slow pace, my full marathon took me over 6 hours to run, so this was REALLY nice! LOL) I probably should have stopped to get Character pics, but I had most of them already, and you still can get spooked about getting swept, so I just enjoyed at a safe pace.

Just crossed the Finish Line
Half-way done with the Challenge!

My favorite part after my races are looking for Craig and the kids to hug. Obviously kids weren’t there, but Craig was there, beaming and telling me how proud he was. With my banana, Powerade, and snack box in hands, medal around my neck (and it’s SOOO pretty!!), we went to the hotel for a much needed shower and nap. 

After I had some rest, smiling from ear to ear that the first race was done, I asked Craig if we could go to “Ichiban” for lunch. Located in Kissimmee off 192, it’s a great Chinese buffet that makes these amazing stuffed cream cheese mushrooms, teriyaki sticks, and cream puffs. I know, odd combination, but it was delicious, and I went up twice to fuel for the next day’s race.

Ichiban Buffet
Cream Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms are AMAZING!!!

We then took a drive down memory lane while gasping at all of the construction that had happened in the little 9 months we had been gone. It’s like Florida sees something pretty and natural and someone says “I think more housing and stores would make this landscape so much more prettier.” It’s just gross. Seriously. There won’t be any green left if they allow these companies to continue to land grab and destroy the natural beauty of Florida. Yeah, I know, irony when people could say Disney did the same thing. Oh also stopped by my favorite “Publix” and visited with my favorite employee, Don. Great guy!

I-4 Traffic

Dinner was with another Disney bestie, my girl Dee. She took me to a Korean Market where they have a cool food court inside and I couldn’t even tell you what I had- Dee has been passionate about the Korean Culture for about 6 years now and I have LOVED learning so much from her about it. I let her order for me or explain to me what it is, as I do love trying new things, just nothing that will wiggle on my plate. We had such a nice time chatting, and then she took me back to my Resort to get to bed early, again. Craig was out at Disney Springs, living his best life, enjoying some time alone I imagine LOL.

The Korean Market
DeeAnn enjoys it here lol
Sooooo delicious!

Tomorrow is the Half-Marathon….MUCH different than the simple 10k. Twice the distance, and we had a heat warning out. Great. Just go with the flow right? See you tomorrow.

Thank you for your kindness and support!

I work hard at bringing the spirit of adventure for the purpose of inspiring travel all around the Country. Thank you for stopping by and have a day FILLED with Kindness!!!


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