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Florida Trip Report/Animal Kingdom…. Day Seven

Animal Kingdom has been opening an our early than most of the Parks for several years now, which is nice to get up and get going sooner. Epcot was opening at 11 for awhile, and now 10 a.m., which feels really late when you are used to getting up early day after day. I was pumped for a couple of things today….to walk in Pandora, see my Gorillas, get my boba ball drink, and eat at Satuli with my favorite dish. I knew that the chances of riding anything were slim because of race and President Day crowds, but I was hopeful.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Entrance 2.25.2022
“Ice Age” Sand Sculpture in the entranceway
Animal Kingdom’s “Tree of Life”

We strolled in at Park opening, and because of Resort Guests having that extra half hour advantage, the wait time for “Flight of Passage” was already at 90 minutes. SO we decided to head to the opposite side of the Park and ride “Dinosaur” instead. Well, I did, Craig isn’t a fan. I just giggle the whole time I ride it, it’s so much fun to me.

“Dinosaur” the ride

We then walked around the back, and with Nemo being done and shut down, Everest being under construction, and Hurl and Whirl completely gone now…it’s made this side of the Park a ghost town. So of course, it was enjoyable LOL. We just walked, took pics, it was great.

Mt. Everest at Disney’s Animal Kingdom
Empty Everest Area
We loved the quiet back here

We then did the tiger and gorilla trails, enjoying the animals and small crowds here. Something about the sound of all the birds singing, flying around and crossing our path that brings so much peace. And I don’t know when I fell in love with the gorillas, but ever since I lived in Florida, they were my favorite animals to go and say hello too, along with the giraffes on Safari and the hippo on the way to the gorillas,

Asia Bird Trail at Animal Kingdom
One of the bachelor gorillas…
Pangani Gorilla Trail

And then it was time for SATULI, which if you didn’t know, is my FAVORITE counter service in Disney World.  Yummy grilled chicken, creamy herb sauce with potatoes…SOOOO good!!  What makes this place even better is the soundtrack…the music just gives me goosebumps. We ate early so we had the place to ourselves, which is always nice because you can actually HEAR the music. Once crowds get large in any area, they drown out one of the best things about Disney, the music! So I love to just marinate in the music, my booth, and enjoy my meal. Dang, I want it now. Do you think Uber Eats would deliver from Florida? Asking for a friend. Of course I got my boba balls drink, went out and brought it back in so I could sit and enjoy it inside Satuli.

Pandora from the movie “Avatar” in Disney’s Animal Kingdom
Satuli, Pandora, Avatar, Disneys Animal Kingdom….MY FAV!!!!
Wood-fired chicken, creamy herb sauce with potatoes
Blue Avatar Cheesecake…it was delicious!
Satuli atmosphere and music
Always a must, EXTRA boba balls for me!

We did some shopping, and then headed out. I had my first race the next day, and I didn’t want to tire myself out. One stop on the way home, we went back to the Expo so I could really look and shop this time. Said hi to Jeff Galloway who wrote a story about me which I am super proud about, grabbed some KT tape and race stickers, then jetted off to the other building to grab me a RunDisney jersey, which I got lucky that they had some left.

RunDisney Expo February 2022
RunDisney Jersey
(Forgive the wrinkled clothing, I took pics after I took it out of my luggage at home)

After a nice relax back at our Resort, I decided for Olive Garden on Hwy 192 for dinner. I needed to carb load, and what better place, so we dined on lasagna, soup and salad, and of course, those warm and yummy breadsticks. Another chill dinner, it was great to get excited about my run coming up. We then headed to Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort for reservations for desert at “Sebastian’s.”  The plan was to ride Skyliner, then dessert, then a walk around the Resort, then back to sleep early because of the race. Always leaving room for plans changing, we decided on a romantic walk around the Resort, went to our Reservation but they were running behind so we waited and it got to be too long that I was getting nervous I wouldn’t get to bed on time. So we politely asked if we could cancel it, the CM couldn’t have been nicer and understood why as she was running the next day as well. 

One of our FAVORITE Disney Resorts, we used to walk here every Sunday morning and grab a donut.
Caribbean Beach Resort Path
The view of “Skyliner” as the sun sets over Caribbean Beach Resort
Caribbean Beach Resort
Us chilling before heading out for the night.

We headed back and I was in bed by 8 pm…..tomorrow is race day #1!

Thank you for your kindness and support!!

I work hard at bringing the spirit of adventure for the purpose of inspiring travel all around the Country. Thank you for stopping by and have a day FILLED with Kindness!!!


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