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Florida Trip Report/Disney’s Hollywood Studios…. Day Six

While planning this trip, we wanted to make sure that we kept it as chill as possible. I don’t know how many times I have watched strangers burn out during their trips because we all want to get our money’s worth, but sometimes, nay ALL the time, our sanity is worth way more. We had to decide if we wanted to line up for “Rise of the Resistance” at Park opening (no we didn’t do Lightening Lane) OR go have a nice breakfast at “Trails End” located in the beautiful “Fort Wilderness” Campground near Magic Kingdom. It was a beautiful morning, sun shining, and instead of fighting the masses, we drove over to the Campground, hopped the internal bus, and enjoyed the rocking chairs while we waited to be called.

Star Wars ready
Fort Wilderness Internal Disney Bus
DIsney’s Fort Wilderness Settlement Outpost
“Trail’s End” at Settlement Outpost in Disney World’s Fort Wilderness Campground
Chiling in the rocking chairs at the Settlement while we wait for our name to be called for breakfast.

“Trails End” has changed a bit since the Pandemic, of course it was going too, honestly to not expect this from everything right now would be naïve. I didn’t think any kind of buffets would ever come back honestly, but I didn’t even think to ask if this one was still a buffet. They serve it family style now, with courses including yogurt parfaits, breads, mickey waffles, then your main dishes of eggs, meats, and hashbrowns. We opted for the orange juice, included, and you could have as much of any dish as you desired. The only thing I wasn’t super impressed with was that they brought us a yogurt parfait to share- I mean, come on, just bring us each one. The price is still one of the most affordable meals on Disney property, and it’s just a nice meal that’s out of the way of crowds.

Breakfast at “Trails End” at Fort Wilderness
Mickey waffles are the best!

After our bellies were full, we drove over to Hollywood Studios. The temps were already rising, and as we walked in with the crowds, we just laughed and agreed we were just “going with the flow.”  “Runaway Railway” had a 60 minute wait, and since Resistance was rapidly approaching the 3 hour wait, we opted for Railway.  Now, this is where we got the reality gut check of what lightening lane is doing to the standby lines. What was posted of an hour wait, wound up TWO HOURS. It’s a great ride, but not for THAT wait. It’s a long wait outside, and I appreciate they have added umbrellas for shade, but to be SO OFF from the posted wait time was ridiculous. I can usually feel out if a wait time is on point or not, but I had not dealt with lightening lane yet.  I watched as they allowed large numbers of people come through in lightening lane and then small numbers of stand-by. Yes, Fastpass worked this way, but I felt the wait times were still on point, otherwise there is no point in having them. It was a new ride for Craig, so I enjoyed seeing it with him, but our backs paid the price and we vowed we wouldn’t be waiting again for anything like that the rest of the trip.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios 2.24.2022
“Runaway Railway Train”, formerly “The Great Movie Ride”
The ending of “Runaway Railway Train”

Off to Batuu we went for a blue milk, some shopping, and a little Facebook Live for my Dad. I love walking around and soaking in the Star Wars goodness, smiling at what a great time I had watching my Dad build his light saber and his droid. Hand in hand with Craig, we grabbed the Trix tasting popcorn and enjoyed the sounds of the tie fighters flying overhead.

Batuu, Galaxy’s Edge, Star Wars
Blue Milk, it’s what’s for dinner on Batuu
Batuu, Galaxy’s Edge, Star Wars
Anyone for a ride on the Millenium Falcon?
Batuu Marketplace in Galaxy’s Edge
Trix tasting Batuu Popcorn- delicious!!!

Crowds were getting much worse, so we decided we were good. Being in the chill mindset, we decided it would be smart to head back, take a nap, and then get on with the rest of our day.  It was almost hard to no want to push and get as much as we could get out of it, but I knew that if I did, I would be miserable running on the weekend, Craig would be miserable watching me because we would both be exhausted. It was an experiment, to do the Parks BEFORE a race or AFTER. The answer soon to come with my weekend Race posts.

I have always loved the At-At in front of “Star Tours”
The Studios crowds were large on 2.24.2022

I needed to get to the RunDisney expo and pick up my bib and race shirts, and we only had so much time before our dinner reservations at Cape May that evening. I was able to pick up my stuff quite easily, they had all of my shirts together since I was running the “Fairytale Challenge” which was great.  No time to really shop, I grabbed a couple items like the Fairytale Challenge jacket, hat and car magnet, also a Pink Annual Passholder shirt too. It was fast, but maybe that was smart so I didn’t overbuy.

ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex- Where we pick up Race Packets
RunDisney Princess Half-Marathon Weekend Expo 2.2022
Car Magnet
Blue Running Jacket
Annual Passholder Half Marathon Weekend Shirt
Moana Fairy Tale Challenge 2022 Race Shirt
Mulan Half-Marathon 2022 Race Shirt
Princess Tiana 10k Race Shirt 2022

We then headed to dinner at Cape May, located at Disney’s Beach Club Resort. We were excited to enjoy this seafood buffet, and ironically, this buffet was running again as such but not Trails End. They had lessened the price by removing the crab legs from the buffet price. If I wanted them, it was an extra $15.  There was enough on the buffet that I didn’t need or want them, so I passed, but opted to order a raspberry mojito instead for my meal accessory which was delicious. Waitress was great, food was awesome, we went up several times for more. 

Entrance to Disney’s Beach Club
Disney’s Beach Club
Waiting for our name to be called at Cape May
Craig checks out the Menu
Fish, shrimp, fruit salad, and greens from the Seafood Buffet at Cape May
When at Cape May buffet, you must try it all

What is great about eating here is then you can take a nice evening stroll around the water where you can see Yacht and Beach Club, Swan and Dolphin, and walk the Boardwalk at that Resort as well.  I love this area because there is a walkway to Epcot and Studios from here, so also perfect to book a meal here and then catch a reservation to one of the Parks for the evening festivities.

Our night walking the Epcot Resorts
Swan and Dolphin Resort
Other side of Swan and Dolphin Resort
Disney’s Boardwalk Resort view from Yacht Club
Spaceship Earth all lit up behind Disney’s Beach Club
Entrance to Disney’s Boardwalk Resort
ESPN Club on Disney’s Boardwalk
Disney’s Beach Club all lit up as we headed out

It was such a gorgeous evening, we just enjoyed every single minute of it and then headed back to our Resort to get ready for next day…Animal Kingdom!

Thank you for your kindness and support!

I work hard at bringing the spirit of adventure for the purpose of inspiring travel all around the Country. Thank you for stopping by and have a day FILLED with Kindness!!!


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