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Florida Trip Report/Magic Kingdom…..Day Four

I don’t know when it started, but I really believe in numbers. Not like a faith or anything, just that there is a strange coincidence with my life and the number 22. So it didn’t surprise me, without planning it this way, that my favorite Park would be on 2.22.22.  That’s right folks, my Park is Magic Kingdom, and of course, on a Tuesday! Quite perfect, I was more than excited to enjoy the magic on this day of days. Craig and I had purchased 50th WDW Merch at Springs the night before, so we both wore our shirts, my ears, and we arrived at opening to make the most of our day.

Magic Kingdom Auto Plaza Disney’s 50th Anniversary
Masks on the Monorail-thanks Dee for the Villains Mask!!
Disney’s Magic Kingdom 2.22.22
Front of the Park at the Train Station at Magic Kingdom

It was such a great feeling to walk in with Craig, we were SO EXCITED!!!! The music, the smells, the sun shining, and that sweet moment of coming around the corner on Main Street USA and seeing her. Her being Cinderella’s Castle, and she was all dazzled up in her Sunday best for her 50th Anniversary. I didn’t know what I wanted to do first…walk down Main Street, hit the Emporium, get something to snack on, I was just SO HAPPY!

Disney’s Magic Kingdom Main Street USA 2/2022
Main Street USA Bakery
Amy and Craig, The Relocated Tourist, at Magic Kingdom
The Relocated Tourist at Disney’s 50th Anniversary Celebration 2/2022
Main Street USA Magic Kingdom Disney’s 50th Anniversary 2/2022

With Disney Resort guests now getting in ANY Park a half hour earlier than the public, it made trying to be there at open almost pointless. A lot of people can fill a queue in just half an hour, as we would discover day after day of this trip, but I wasn’t willing to pay the extra money to ride the rides I had been just riding under my same AP for the last 10 years. So our new strategy was to pick a ride we REALLY wanted and the rest would just happen or not LOL. We decided on “Big Thunder” as our first, and it was the best one to kick off the trip! We laughed so hard and smiled so big on that ride, it really put us in a good mood for the rest of the day. The wait was about 40 mins I would say, and that would be the norm and much higher for anything else that wasn’t a show or classic (Carousel of Progress, Country Bear Jamboree, etc.).  Basically if you want the jump on the big rides, they have painted you into a corner that you’ll HAVE to stay on property and pay for Lightening Lane…just rubbish.

Ready to ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad!!!!
We had so much fun!!!!

Again, having lived there, we knew what was worth it and what wasn’t, so we just floated from one thing to another with no real agenda, a luxury I know most don’t have when booking once in a lifetime Disney vacations. Seriously, I don’t know how anyone is affording going here anymore. Anyways, we decided after a few rides, we would hit Cosmic Rays early for lunch, grabbed my favorite spot, and we just enjoyed having the place to ourselves while it was still early. We did Mobile order here, encouraged everywhere they offer it, but there was one cashier taking walk-up orders, just as an FYI.  I haven’t decided if I am a fan of the Mobile Ordering system or not- on one hand you have it ordered, paid for, with a time to come and eat- regimented and ready. On the other hand, if you like to ebb and flow with your vacays and just eat when you feel like it and not have a designated time you must be there for, it can throw a couple of wrenches into your plans. That being said, eating early dinner and lunch it recommended as you will have ample seating, stress free ordering and pick up because you aren’t surrounded in people also doing the same thing at the exact time, and it’s  just more enjoyable to dine in peace.

Cosmic Rays Starlight Cafe – Tomorrowland, Magic Kingdom
Inside Cosmic Rays- Bays where you pick up your food
Sonny Eclipse performing, as usual, at Cosmic Rays
Craig had the Chicken Salad and I had the Cheeseburger

Big fans of Carousel of Progress and Peoplemover (who isn’t?), we headed to Tomorrowland to enjoy two of our favorites on Disney property. The line wasn’t too bad for Peoplemover, and I was happy to find my friend, Booker, working that day for a hug and hello. Sorry John, I looked for you, couldn’t find you. Both were great, loved seeing TRON and it’s progress- they just started to add the tarp like covering over the outside track, just breathed in the sights and sounds and enjoyed all of both attraction’s nostalgia and goodness.

Reunited with my friend, Booker, in Tomorrowland
The Relocated Tourist on Peoplemover 2.2.22
Peoplemover in Tomorrowland in Magic Kingdom
Tron’s progress 2.22.2022
Stitch was hanging out in Tomorrowland
Stitch 50th Anniversary Statue on the Famous Purple Wall
Selfie on the Purple Wall 2.22.2022

We wanted to make it a priority that we rode the Monorail to Epcot and back (picking it up at TTC) since neither of us had done it in years. It’s been down for quite some time, so we were really excited to see the overview of all the work they are doing in the center of Future World in Epcot. If you haven’t rode it, it’s an excellent opportunity to see an arial view of Epcot, and breathtaking during “Flower and Garden Festival.” With no one aboard in our car, it was fun to have the space to breath and not be packed in like sardines per usual. I suggest riding it a couple hours after Parks open, avoid closing as well and parade times- most will leave after the parades for a mid-day nap back at their Resort.

Dapper Dans singing at the Train Station on our way out to ride the Epcot Monorail
Overview of Epcot during Construction of Future World/ 50th Anniversary/ Flower and Garden Festival
Empty Monorail Car on Coral Monorail 2.22.22
Leaving the Magic Kingdom Monorail Station back into the Park

Oh! I also grabbed the pink, iridescent Mickey popcorn bucket, located at the Popcorn cart located at the entrance/exit of MK. Yeah, I don’t collect them anymore, but how could I pass up a 50th Anniversary one? I have seen the Mickey and Minnie ones, then many colors of this version, but the pink was so pretty I couldn’t pass it up. Munching on popcorn in MK is almost a rite of passage, something makes it feel so special.

Disney’s 50th Anniversary Magic Kingdom Popcorn Bucket

After we got back from our empty Monorail ride, we headed towards “Haunted Mansion.” The line was long and less to be desired, but it was on my bucket list to do with Craig. We hadn’t done so many things together in such a long time, and this ride is really special to me. I fell in love with the Paranormal and ghostly things as a child, so seeing this for the first time in 1991, I was instantly hooked. I’ve been blessed to ride it with so many friends and family, but I love a good snuggle with Craig on this as we sang along to the tune in the graveyard. It was magical, loved every second.

Liberty Bell area while waiting for Haunted Mansion
Long line for Haunted Mansion

And if I am visiting “Haunted Mansion” then that means a stop at the Tangled Toilets. Because, you know, nothing says Rapunzel like an Animal Cemetery next door LOL. It’s a thing, don’t ask me why, but being in Disney so much over the past 10 years, it’s the restrooms I got used too the most. Trust me, as you get older, it’s a big deal on which ones you like the best, the closest, the ones that don’t fill up the fastest, you get what I am saying. I felt like I was home when I entered Tangled Toilets…don’t judge me, we all have our things LOL. On a side note, it bothers me to no end that they made her tower, just to loom and tease people that it’s just for show. Oh look mommy, it’s her tower, can we go in? No Sandy, we can’t, it’s just a photo opp, nay, a beacon to your next bowel movement- enjoy! LOL

Womens Tangled Toilets

Do you and your significant other have a “ride” that is yours? You know, we all have a song with a person, or movie that makes us think of them, that’s special to just the two of you. Well, ours is “Peter Pan” and I can tell you that the lines were so long that day that we both laughed when we walked and said “Meh, catch it next time” and walked off. Every local and frequent visitor will tell you that’s just how we roll- and we know we are blessed to be able to think like that. I was excited to visit the Circus Tent and see the treats, but I miss the gift shop part of it. It’s more like a treats tent now LOL. Chip and Dale were outside for pics, so I grabbed one walking by, and then we headed to Country Bear Jamboree, with some shopping along the way.

Hanging with Dale outside the Circus Tent
Country Bear Jamboree
Disney’s 50th Anniversary Display and Merch at the Emporium

Time for a snack, on my bucket list was a of course the Citrus Swirl made famous by a favorite of mine- Orange Bird! Fun side note, I have the OB wallet and every time I take it out here in WI to pay for something, they ask me what it is, and I get to explain who it is, living there for a decade, and so on. Great conversation starter! OK so Craig and I head to the Citrus Swirl stand which is on one of the most congested corners inside Magic Kingdom. Trying to stand in line when you have double strollers and such trying to get around that area is an incredible headache for everyone involved. We mobile ordered and it took three times as long to get the ONE Citrus Swirl we wanted opposed to the stand by line that went way faster. So don’t bother mobile ordering here, just walk up and order, time is precious and it’s not worth waiting for an ice cream treat for over 30 minutes past the designated mobile ordering time given to us. By the time Craig got it, he looked so defeated, I was pretty sure he was ready to chuck it into the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse LOL. But you bet we ate it, after all that stress? Yes.

Citrus Swirl Corner
The Orange Bird Citrus Swirl

Ironically it took so much time to get the snack, that we wound up going right from there to our mobile ordered dinner at Columbia Harbor House. It was for 5 pm, and we swore we walked in while they were closed- nobody was there. Maybe they just opened for the day, but it was eerily empty, so not only did we get our dinner with no one around, I got my favorite spot which is on the second floor, centered area that bridges over the walkway between Fantasyland and Liberty Square, right side, near the window. GREAT for people watching, great spot for peace and quiet, and we were alone for almost an hour while we ate and chatted there. It was wonderful, and our portion sizes were great. We each got the Seafood platter, plate was full, and it tasted wonderful. Also realize that walking all day, frustrated with the Citrus Swirl issue, crowds everywhere, I could probably be served a car tire and I would eat it and think its delicious. So, there’s that.

Columbia Harbor House- my favorite spot!

The rest of the evening consisted of just walking around, catching things here and there, wound up splitting a Casey’s hot dog when we saw there literally NO ONE in line! Y’all know that doesn’t happen much, as this place being right on Main Street can stay busy from open to close. We laughed as we ate it, since we had JUST eaten dinner, but it was CASEY’S and it wasn’t open last time I was here so had to grab something while I was here.

Casey’s on Main Street USA in Magic Kingdom
An empty Casey’s
Casey’s footlong hot dog

While waiting for the fireworks, we grabbed a Mickey bar, because, you know, we didn’t eat enough that day! LOL OK, so the plan was, let’s watch the fireworks from Tomorrowland- less crowded, get a taste of them at least, quick exit out the back past the Purple Wall area. Sounded like a great plan, right? As we waited, and waited, we were sore, full, and just done. So I say out loud “Let’s try and watch them from the end of Main Street by the Train Station.” We walk over, crowded, can’t see because of the flag pole, then we say “Maybe we can see them better from the Monorail ramp.” So we giggle as we walk up, but we never stop, we keep walking to the Monorail. “Maybe we can catch them ON the Monorail…” A bit, we did. “How about the TTC area?” We pause and watch a bit, smiling and holding hands while I say “I think we could see them better from the parking lot.” Yep, we saw them everywhere, because we are getting older and we were just drained.

Waiting for the Fireworks
Beast’s Castle
A Mickey bar is always a must!
End of Main Street before the Fireworks

EXCELLENT day, a beautiful time, one I won’t soon forget. Onto Epcot tomorrow!


Thank you for your kindness and support!

I work hard at bringing the spirit of adventure for the purpose of inspiring travel all around the Country. Thank you for stopping by and have a day FILLED with Kindness!!!


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