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What I am Most Excited about Doing this Disney Trip

Three days…. holy cow. I am SOOOO excited!! Everything is falling into place, the packing has started, laundry being done, road trip snacks being accumulated, and plans being checked and rechecked once again. I have been counting down for a while now, and every time I wake up, I get excited about a certain aspect of my trip. I thought I would share because, you know, it’s fun! Enjoy.

I am first off excited to drive down with the hubby- we have our traditions of listening to comedians, Disney park music, and maybe a podcast or two. We reminisce our past Disney memories, and what we want to ride first. But mostly, that drive is just time together to enjoy each other. Hokey, probably, but it sure feels great!  We usually hotel it once on the way, being a 20-24 hour drive there. I love a good rest area and welcome center, makes me feel alive to be traveling and just getting out there.

I have this vision in my head of our first Disney Park day…which is of course on 2.22.22 on a Tuesday. Why this is significant is because I am a BIG believer in numbers. I was born on the 22nd, and without fail, I see the number 22 repeatedly through out my days. I didn’t plan it this way, just fell on the week of my race. So we are headed to Magic Kingdom, and I want to buy a pair of ears right away, selfies on Main Street and the Castle, and just enjoy that stroll in with my hubby. Our first hour may be crazy, but we plan on taking the rest in stride. (We all say that and then we find ourselves in lines after lines).  Popcorn snacking while sitting in our favorite spot, citrus swirl as we walk though Adventure Land, holding hands on Peter Pan and Peoplemover, and some window shopping for my next Loungefly or Jersey. We plan on closing the Park, fireworks show Craig hasn’t seen yet, so another first, and just taking our time. Let’s see how that works lol.

Next I am excited about walking into Epcot and hearing the music, feeling the sunshine, and walking into the Soarin queue and letting that beautiful music wash over me.  I get goosebumps every time I am on that ride, it feeds my wanderlust soul. Of course I have to ride “Living with the Land” because it also brings back a flood of memories, and it just gives me such peace. Love. It. “Ratatouille” will hopefully be on the menu of rides we get to experience, so we shall see if we get in. Let’s not forget school bread, caramels from Germany, maybe gelato in France and a snack in Sunshine Seasons.  I did NOT see the latest Epcot fireworks show in October, in fact, not at all yet…so a first time experience with Craig is going to be AMAZING!! Let me know in the comments where I should stand to watch!

I am excited about going back to Galaxy’s Edge with Craig and enjoying the memories of being there with my Dad and watching him be a kid again. From riding the train with Mickey and Minnie to becoming the size of a toy on Mania, these bring me the feels, and I AM SO READY!!!

Last but not least, my favorite ride is “Flight of Passage” in Animal Kingdom. This is my tiny spot of feeling what Heaven will be like, and it makes me choke up every time.  I can’t wait to eat at my Satuli again, my readers KNOW how much I LOVE that place, and also my boba balls…oh yes, there will be plenty of balls LMAO.   I want to ride Safari and say hello to my giraffes and then walk the trail to find the gorillas. I want to ride “Dinosaur” while I laugh my head off because I swear the model for this ride was a washing machine. I hope to find a character or two, it would be nice to get a pic again with them. My last one was early 2020, and I have missed those interactions. If I was having a bad day, I would just get in line and say hello to Goofy. Yep, I am one of “those”….a full grown adult who loves Disney… et over yourself. LOL

Oh and did I mention I have a race to run? Yeah, I decided to plan my fun BEFORE the pain, that way I could recover a bit more in peace. Saturday is a 10k and then Sunday is a Half-Marathon. In other words, 19.1 miles total.  I am ready, I did the training, now I just have to get my keester up at 2 a.m. to get there by 3 a.m. just to sit in my corral for awhile until we get to the starting line. It’s all good, having done this before, I know the drill now. I can’t wait!

From all the wonderful dining reservations we have, to other theme parks we will be hitting up as well, plus as former locals, we will be hitting our favorite spots around town we used to eat and visit too, along with visits with friends- it will be a trip to remember.  So please feel free to join us on Instagram and Facebook, I will blog about it when I get back. No time to write when there is so much fun to be had, but you never know. Sometimes a good sit with the laptop, the keys clicking away, is the best way to wind down from a day of excitement. We shall see. But, for now, you can follow real time on the Socials.  Have a great day and see you next week!


Thank you for believing in me!

I enjoy inspiring the magic of Disney, Travel and Life. Thank you for always being in my corner and believing in me when I couldn’t believe in myself.


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