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To Florida and Back Again….a Tourist, then Resident, then Tourists Tale

I’ve been asked what I have been up to, do I live in Florida anymore, will I continue the road trip, etc… so I thought I would update you all on life these past 6 months. Enjoy!

So the road trip, I had so much planned I didn’t get too, and still hope too at some point. At the time, the variants were coming out of the woodwork, and I was getting scared. Fully vaccinated, which I am a million times behind, boosted now, I felt safe enough to take on such a trip.  I think we all thought it was on it’s way out, and I guess false hope was that we were getting back to our normal lives. Now remember, I was supposed to be on the road until June of 2022. I had everything planned out, no stone untouched. Of course it stunk to stop, I lamented about it for a couple of days actually. In the end it was a conversation I had with Craig that convinced me to put pause on it, so I made the call and headed home… except home wasn’t Florida anymore.

While I was traveling, Craig and the girls packed up and headed back to WI. This was planned, but I wasn’t to join them until this 2022 summer, if at all. There has been no secret that my marriage was in a downhill spiral, and that while I was traveling, we separated and just put a pin in it until further notice. Stopping my trip earlier left me scrambling to find a home either back in FL or in the Midwest.  A friend let me stay with them in the Midwest until I could basically figure out my next steps, which led me to my own apartment in Appleton.  I never thought I would be back, but it’s where fate led me, and for good reason.

In the time I have been back, my Dad lost his love of 20 plus years to dementia and my mom fell on the ice and broke her wrist. Both kids got C, thankfully vaxxed, so it wasn’t too extreme for them but enough to still scare all of us. Emily being a Cancer survivor and getting it was to close for comfort for this momma, and had I been on the road when all of my family were in serious physical and emotional states, I don’t think I would have forgiven myself. So I was able to be here for all of them, got to be independent, and decided that my marriage was definitely worth saving.

Craig and I have been together for 28 years, and that never comes with rainbows and unicorns every day. It takes work, a LOT of work, to make it run and the biggest thing I have learned is that we both bring it to the table every day as a priority and not just something that lies in the background of our lives. Living apart actually has been really helpful because we date, we spend time missing each other, we plan our days together, as well as our nights, and our favorite is planning the future. The divorce dead and buried since October, we have come a long way and with the work we have put in, including our next home. I only see us getting stronger the next 28 plus more years together. Here’s some advice for those of you maybe “yo-yoing” a relationship, whether to stay or go, decide on what makes YOU happy and work your way back. This isn’t a selfish technique, but a smart one. You can’t bring anything but your best into any relationship, or it’s just doomed to fail.  Of course we had problems, we had LOTS of them, but marriage isn’t for the weak, and sorry, but not enough faith or religion is going to get the job done…it’s within yourself to take ACTION to make it better. Side note, if you have friends who hate your relationship, speak negative on it, make you feel like garbage for trying…walk away from that and them.  Trust me, you will feel SO much better for it. I had one who would constantly build herself up by tearing him down, and it would be so hurtful and confusing that I could no longer go to her with any problems because it wasn’t a shoulder to cry on but another dagger in my back. You learn.

So with all of that said, I have been training for the last 3 months for the Fairytale Challenge next week in Disney World, and I AM SO EXCITED!!! Funny story, I signed up for this back in September when I was feeling anxious about the split and I needed something to keep my mind and body from going down these dark rabbit holes, so training and a goal seemed a smart way to go. How things worked out from that small decision, was that I asked Craig to join me on my trip to Disney, which got us talking more, dating more, and eventually back into this amazing spot we are now in.  Planning as a tourist again has been mind blowing….seriously it has been so exciting. To go together in this place of immense love and respect for each other, to have him there to cheer me on once again at my races, and to just enjoy the magic without anyone or anything else distracting us is such an incredible joy that words are just not explaining it very well.  I am happy, I am content, …… and soon enough we will be FL residents once more. Appleton has become almost this waiting room, the terminal at the airport let’s say. We are familiar with it, the kids do better here, but it isn’t home, and we are just waiting for the right forever home to buy to take that flight back home to Orlando one more time…and just Craig and I.

So where does that leave the road trip? For now, the pause is a period until further notice. I have another move, another garage sale to have, lots of fun trips to Bristol and such this summer with the hubby, time spent with my parents, my kids, and my brothers family while I am here in WI, on top of planning our next Disney trip for our Anniversary this September and then the bigger move to follow that. Listen, we have been true to the name…it will be our THIRD relocation to Florida. Something calls us home every time, and we are once again ready to start a new chapter coming back.  So stay tuned to the socials to watch our trip next week, thanks for stopping by for a read, I wish you all a great day and I’M GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!!!!


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