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Day 73: Thursday, August 12th, 2021… Putting Things on Pause

Driving throgh Oregon

I have been watching the news more and more, consulting with my close circle of family and friends on what to do about the Delta variant.  When I started planning this back in January, the vaccination talk just began, meaning it started to slowly roll out. My hope, and prayer, was to get vaxxed before I hit the road on June 1st….to keep myself, and others, safe. I was fortunate to get both doses back to back in April and May, with my entire family who I am SO proud that they did.  I thought, hey, I am good to go, the Country will all get vaxxed, and I will be fine on my trip.  And as the summer has unfolded, I have watched dear people in my life refuse it, and it HURTS my heart that we couldn’t collectively do this as a Country.  And here we are….the numbers are going up and I am forced to face a decision I didn’t want too.

When I just got a cold, albeit a bad one, I was miserable. Being alone, stuck in a hotel room without any loved ones to help me was incredibly scary. I thought about Eric, I thought about his family, and I thought about the MANY who had it so much worse, feeling the same way in a Hospital. That was as close as I want to get to being sick for a while, especially alone.  So with my physical and mental health at risk now, I am hitting the pause button on this adventure. I want to be able to be around family, to monitor this, so when I continue, it will be in a safe manner.  I know we are going to have to live with Covid, but this being so aggressive now, I would have NEVER done this at the height last year, so why would I continue it now? For those who want to come at me “Well you are vaccinated, you should feel invincible” – no, I feel that I have a layer of protection, but nothing is 100% or guaranteed.  I would get vaxxed again, I will get a booster if it is available, I WILL be a part of the solution.

Let me end with this. I am not looking for your permission or your opinions on this, and of course people are going to have them regardless of what I do or say. I was fully going to do this, I was committed and damn proud of it…I can’t help it that this variant appeared while I was in the middle of this. I hope to start back up with it at any time, but I have to monitor what is happening around the Country before I go out again. If you are someone I was meeting up with or staying with, we will talk via DM. I thank ALL of you for the love and support you have shown me over the last 73 days, and I will post on the blog when I am continuing the trip.  Yes, I am bummed, but my safety and health is more important to me than continuing when things seem to just be getting worse each day. Thanks for joining me on the adventure so far…. to be continued.

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