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What We Got Rid Of Before Moving, and What Found it’s Way Back to Us

If you remember our EPIC GARAGE SALE, we had tossed, sold, and gave away quite a bit of stuff. The goal was to get to FL as lightly as possible, and with only packing two vehicles up, we didn’t have much room to work with.  So here’s what happened AFTER the move, after we have lived here for two years now… did we accumulate all the stuff back? Read on.

First off, I am happy of what we got rid of, truly. I remember looking at that basement full of scrapbook supplies, endless knick knacks, and wondering HOW we were going to get rid of it all. It’s seriously a daunting task when you have parked it somewhere for awhile and you realize how much you have to go through.  Honestly, MANY have told me they won’t even think about moving because the mere thought of the “stuff” they would have to move or get rid of is too much to even bother with.  To that I say, it is a very freeing experience to let go of the stuff, and let in the peace of empty spaces.

For all the stuff we got rid of, it felt more like closing that chapter in our lives. That stuff belonged with THAT chapter, and the new would belong in this one.  It also had to do with the fact that we had owned a number of things since the beginning of time- there just wasn’t any need to keep the couch where I accidentally burned it with my embossing desk or the recliner that barely sat up anymore.  New life, new things.

So when we got here, I blogged early on how we were wondering why we got rid of certain items that would have been helpful.  Not dire, but hey when you just want to throw on a pizza and you sold the pizza maker, it was a bummer to say the least.  I have come to the conclusion that even if you don’t have room for it, try to find a way to bring what you use all the time from your previous location.  It’s not only nice to have, but it is a small reminder of the life you had before the next step.   We brought a Pampered Chef spatula with us, even though we didn’t need or have to- it’s a great spatula and it reminds me of the friend who had the party where I bought it from.

Now that we have lived here for over 2 years, I look around and I can hear my Dad in my head saying “Aww Amy, you know you will find a way to fill your house up again.”  I rolled my eyes,  hugged him, and hoped he wouldn’t be right.  Yup, Dad was right. Well, maybe half right.  You see, I gave up scrapbooking so nothing like that is here. And I have no basement so there is no way to “fill” an entire other floor- so thank God for that. BUT we now live close to Disney World, have I mentioned that before? So of course, what would be filling my home now? Yup, you guessed it, UNIVERSAL STUDIOS MERCH! Hah, just kidding!  Disney was always part of our décor in WI, it’s just a bit more “visible” now here in our FL home.

Also, did I mention we live close to an IKEA? Yeaaah, we weren’t even remotely close to one before. Darn you Swedes and your fantastically easy to put together furnishings and delicious meatballs!!  I have to say though that they are GREAT to have nearby for the chair you might need, the end table, a desk, whatever.  We know that moving is expensive, so when you walk into an IKEA for the first time after moving, it’s like a Mecca. Seriously people should put a time limit on shopping there, you can do some major damage.010

I don’t think we have accumulated everything back, because of course, that would be impossible unless I have a basement I am not aware of or an inventory list of what we used to own.  I have traded scrapbook supplies for my blogging on my laptop, and trips to the Mall for candles to Disney World for pins and vinylmations.   I own more Disney T-Shirts now than regular shirts (working on that) and my pants supply is pretty low compared to the amount of shorts I own. No more are the days of wet boots, as they have been replaced by several pairs of sandals and flip-flops.  it just seems like we traded things.

Bring what you use, buy something new to celebrate the next chapter, and be happy that FL has no basements….but they do have garages, so be careful! LOL

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