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A Disney Store Story

Guest Author: Kris Banas
I recently took a trip out to our closest malls which is Westfield Mall, better known to locals by it’s old name “Southlake Mall.”  I had wanted to do a story for the blog on this location for a while, it’s a 25-35 minute trip depending on traffic, so I found myself putting it off several times. FIXKRIS

The Disney Store there is Store #737.  This location used to be at a mall in Calumet City, Illinois, called River Oaks, but due to the “down-cline” of that mall, it moved out to it’s present home.  As I was out at the mall, I also took a jaunt in to the JP Penny Store as it has the new small “Disney” area and I wanted to see first hand how nice I had heard it was.  rsz_ds3 rsz_ds4

Upon my arrival at The Disney Store, I was greeted very nicely by a young woman named Nikkole.  I explained my reason for being there that day, and she radioed to her manager to come and speak to me.  Alicia was the manager on duty at the time, and she was kind enough to allow me to walk around and take pictures and talk to the other Cast Members on duty.  rsz_ds5 rsz_ds7

The Cast Members were all extremely friendly and helpful.  Those on duty were Alicia, Nikkole, Kathy and Kaley.  All were very sweet and very indulgent of my meanderings, but the real standout in the group was Kaley.  I bothered her several times with questions of where I can find this and that, and she was very sweet and extremely helpful, and made my visit and shopping experience even better.  rsz_ds8

I was told that this location has one CM who has been there for 10 years, as she came from the other location with the move.  Also, there is a young lady named Danielle who was not on duty at the time, but I was told that she just returned from a session in the Disney College Program and worked at the gift shop at The Polynesian.  I am sorry I missed her, as I would have loved to have a conversation with her on her experiences working at the Poly.  rsz_ds9

This Disney Store location is very well organized, well stocked and very neat.  You can tell that the managers and all cast members take pride in this store, and their job.  As someone who works in retail, I can totally appreciate that, as I am a bit OCD with my department where I work.rsz_ds20

They have daily events for kids at the back portion of the store.  The times are 11am and 5pm weekdays, and 11am and approx. 2pm on weekends.  The featured events are Story Time, Animation Fun, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Monster’s University.  Kids who participate get a free prize, and with the Monster’s U, they get a student I.D. card.  How fun!rsz_ds10

After I made my fairly large purchase, I made my way over to JP Penny.  The Disney area is fairly small, but very well organized and lots of great mechanised is available.  I was surprised at all the princess costumes that were available.  I was also surprised at the FROZEN display that was already there.  rsz_ds12 rsz_ds11

I hope you enjoyed the tour of these two stores!!

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