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Disney PhotoPass. A must for those traveling alone and for families!

Guest Author: Kris Banas

I just recently returned from a 7 day trip to Walt Disney World.  I was just there last October with my husband, but he was going on a fishing trip the first week in May, so I made the decision (after talking to him about it) that I was going to take a spring trip to my favorite place for the EPCOT Flower and Garden Festival.

When we were at Walt Disney World last fall, we had many pictures taken by the PhotoPass photographers who are all over the parks.  They always do such a great job, and I have always been happy with the pictures they have taken.  This time however I felt it a necessity to use this service, as I was going to be alone.  Yes, I did meet up with several of my Disney friends, but primarily I was all by myself, which meant stopping perfect strangers and ask them you take your picture.  I don’t have a problem doing that, and always offer to reciprocate.  But, sometimes I feel like I am bothering someone to ask them.  The other problem with that is, you tell people what to press on your camera, and they still seem to mess it up. Kris1

After getting an e-mail about the different PhotoPass packages that are available, I made the decision to go with the more expensive package as it would include the attraction photos and certain dining experience photos as well.  This is called PhotoPass +.   The package is normally $199.95, but since I ordered it over 14 days in advance, I was able to save $50.00.  I did order mine about 2 months ahead of time.  They send you a CD with beautiful stock pictures from all over Walt Disney World and attached to that is a coupon to take to any of the photo centers to redeem your special PhotoPass+ card.  It comes on a lanyard and I wore it as not to lose it.  The lady that took care of me did recommend that I take a picture of the back of it that has the code #, in case I would lose it somehow.  I would still have the numbers to use when I get home.  If that should happen, you can get a regular PhotoPass card from the photographer, and then combine them on the website.

We all know attraction photos can get expensive, and to go on the PhotoPass website and order a 5 x 7, the cost is $14.95 for each one you order.  This package saves money, and I have every picture that was taken of me on the trip.  150 of them to be exact!  After I returned home, I went on to the website and pulled up all my pictures.  You can delete, edit and embellish your pictures as you like.  After you are finished, you order your CD, and add it to your shopping card.  In your CD with the stock photos, there is a coupon code for this to be “free” as you have already paid for the package when you ordered it. Kris2

You can download your pictures or you can have a CD sent to you.  I opted for the CD as I always worry about something being erased, and there being a glitch someplace that would prevent me from getting my pictures. You can then load them on your computer and send them for development at Walgreens, or where ever you want.    The CD arrived yesterday, less than a week after I returned from my trip, and only 5 days after I ordered it.

I also highly recommend using the PhotoPass photographers for couples and families.

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