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Our Favorite Character Interactions

What makes running into Mickey so special? Is it his wide eyed look? Is it that sweet smile? What makes us love these characters so much? We take a look at why we love them, and our most memorable interactions.

First off, let’s talk where you can find these loveable figures.  In the old days, they would wander the parks and you could just go up and get a picture.  Due to larger crowds and their popularity growing, Disney has found designated homes for most characters.  The Fab Five, known as Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto, can be found at the Character Connection in Epcot, Mickey’s Toon Town Fair in MK, Camp Minnie Mickey at AK, and usually in front of Mickey’s Sorcerer’s hat at DHS.  Pixar friends, Buzz, Jessie, and Woody can be found in Pixar Place at DHS, and Frontierland and Tomorrowland in the Magic Kingdom.  The Animation Building at DHS contains stars from Playhouse Disney, Sorcerer Mickey, and the most recent movie’s characters with background.  Pooh and his gang can also be found in Pooh’s Place and the Judges Tent at MK and on one of the trails near the Boneyard at AK.   The Princesses and Fairies live in the Judges Tent as well in the Magic Kingdom.  There are several websites online that have exact locations and times on who will be where for you to meet.  If you are looking for a certain one, contact Guest Relations the morning of your park day and they will tell you where to find them, if they are active at all.

Another way to find them is the famous Character Dining experience.  Places such as Chef Mickey’s and Ohana, allow you to have a delicious meal while they come to your table for pictures and autographs. has a complete list of character meals for you to choose from.

We were eating at 1900 Park Fare, many years ago, and Minnie decided to sit with us at our table. Our youngest at the time was just in awe…as she watched Minnie cut up her waffles for her.  At that same meal, we had Alice and she kept going on and on about our daughter’s long blond hair like hers- she talked about Alice liking her hair all day long.

During one of the old E-Ride nights, Magic Kingdom was pretty much deserted. Our family was hanging out in Tomorrowland and Goofy with Chip and Dale came walking by. The CM with them started to play the drums on a trash can, and all three started to dance. They danced with our little one and other kids, it was like a private party for us- very cool.

Last year, I was waiting for Goofy next to Splash Mountain. My turn was next, but the 3:00 parade was going to be coming out where he was standing, so we all had to move. Goofy took my hand and walked me to another spot with him…very sweet since he is my favorite. (Ellie)

Our daughter made something for Jessie and gave it to her all excited. When we walked away, one of the green army men stopped us to “mime” how cool it was she had done that and how neat it was to see.  Touched our family he cared enough to tell us.

Before Monsters inc moved in, the area was open for a character meet and greet. Here we found Stitch one year, and we had just bought the kids a Stitch cell phone toy. Stitch decided to take the phone from our youngest and call up his planet. He mimed talking to someone, this on for a good 5 minutes.  Once he was done, we were ready to take the picture, and he pulled our youngest in- but kept pushing our oldest away as a joke. It was quite funny.

Our oldest had bought a stuffed wolf at Sea World of all places, and brought it to MK for the day. Mr. Smee decided to play with “Wolfie” for a good 15 minutes…my kids were dying they were laughing so hard.

I had read once to play with the characters when you can, say things to get a nice reaction. So this past trip, I asked Chip and Dale which one was Alvin and which one was Theodore. The reaction was PRICELESS!! They shook their fists and did the laughing signals, it was great.

Alice, Mary Poppins, and I hung out together in the UK one morning when the World Showcase had been open for only a little bit. No one was around, and Alice liked my Soarin shirt. So we all twirled around to pretend because we wanted to “soar.”

After the Villains Mix and Mingle show at the MNSSHP, Frollo came down with the other Villains. I got my  picture with him, and then I moved on to the next one. Not more than 15 mins later, Mr Frollo was following me.  Apparently I was Esmerelda for him that night! LOL (Ellie)

Jasmine and Aladdin became intrigued with my youngest girl’s pin lanyard. Jasmine said she loved her pins, when Aladdin pointed to her “Ooogie Boogie” pin and said “look Jasmine, she has one of you.”

We had just finished the Keys to the Kingdom Tour, and saw Bert and Mary Poppins walk by.  I had never met them before, so I got in line…super excited! We got up to meet them and I shook Bert’s hand and said “I’m so excited, I have never met you before.” Bert says without missing a beat, “And you are?” I say “Ellie” and he says “Well Ellie, I am more than excited because I have never met you.”  It made me beam all day. (Ellie)

Kyra decided to get her picture taken with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum by the Teacups. She got between them, and they decided to bump her back and forth. It was pretty funny, nothing out of control, but she did well trying not to lose it with them.

Garden Grill breakfast at The Land…all by myself trip.  I showed up, and the waiter was super sweet. Mickey came up and motioned if I was alone, told him yes. He then proceeded to bring over all the characters and they sat with me in my booth with me for a little bit-was the sweetest moment ever. (Ellie)

We wore matching t-shirts at the MK, and Captain Hook and Mr. Smee decided to make a big deal of them while we tried to take our pictures with them.  They are a bunch of trouble makers!

I’m sure we have more, and we will add them as we go. What are your most memorable moments with characters? We would love to hear yours.  Have a magical day!

~Carl and Ellie Peters~


  1. Nothing beats the characters on the Disney Cruise ships – all our experiences there were magical – picture Captain Jack on the beach with the Flying Dutchman in the background – Awesome!!


  2. I was working as a hostess at Chef Mickey’s in the Contemporary resort, with the fab five, of course. We had only one or two families left, and we were getting ready to close, when I witnessed Chip & Dale having some fun. Chip stole Dale’s party napkin, and threw it to me, and Dale proceeded to chase me around the restaurant. I tossed it to Goofy, and the four of us played a thorough game of keep away. Pluto even joined in at one point…he poked me! LoL

    It was the most magical moment I’ve ever had, and one I won’t forget! 😀


  3. Some of our best pictures are when we’ve struck a unique pose with the characters. One impromptu pose was with my two youngest boys, MK Town Square with Pinocchio. It was a sweltering afternoon and they were tired. My youngest put his hand up to his head to block the sun in a funny way and Pinocchio mimicked him. Great, one of a kind photo. Thank you, Pinocchio!

    Stitch is also a fun one. My middle son has a thing about Stitch and has several Stitch pins on his lanyard. During our photo op, Stitch took his lanyard and began looking for his pin. When he found a few, his reaction was great and my son was thrilled for the rest of the day!


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