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Keeping the Disney Magic Alive at Home.

Vacations end, and reality creeps back in. Back at work, and you can’t believe you are already there. HOW do you keep the Disney magic alive? Here’s a list of how we have dealt with the “Disney Depression.”

We try to use our camcorder and camera as much as possible when we are at WDW. With photos, we frame our favorites around the house and scrapbook the rest.  Seeing these bring back the memories, and help when we have a rough day. We watch our home vacation videos on ‘family night’ – lights low, couch moved up, and we love laughing about all of our magical moments caught on tape.  We also love ordering the newest WDW planning DVD and planning a night of viewing and Disney board games.

YouTube has also been a great source of Disney fun. We search for different attractions and play them on our living room television, pretending we are on the rides. If you want to have some fun, make up your own fast passes for the kids-they will love it!

“Celebrations” Magazine Publications, created by Tim Foster and Lou Mongello, is our absolute favorite magazine. Tim, Lou and his crew showcase rides, shows, resorts, movies and the most beautiful pictures of Walt Disney World you have ever seen. We highly encourage you to try an issue out at  We will have a much more in depth review of that magazine when the next issue comes out, sometime towards the end of the month.

Disney Podcasts seem to be popping up everywhere. We enjoy the WDW Radio show, WDW Today, and the DIS Unplugged. Podcasts are not only great sources of information, but you can also win a prize or two. We have been fortunate to win a stay at the Dolphin resort, and other cool stuff just by emailing and asking questions.

As you know if you are reading this, blogs keep the magic alive as well. Hearing about our favorite attraction or food brings us right to the memory, and of course makes us want to be there even more.

Last, but not least, wearing our favorite Disney clothes is like getting a hug from Mickey himself. We would love if the WDW smell stayed on our shirts and such after we got home…but then we may never wash them, and that’s just gross. Our favorites are the hoodie sweatshirts with the year we were there – we are probably known as the Disney twins in our city every time we leave the house with them on.

We want to hear how you keep the Disney magic alive at home-post your tips here or on our Facebook fan page. Have a great day!

Carl and Ellie Peters


  1. I keep the magic alive by looking at my scrapbooks also. I even shop for scrapbooking supplies for our next trip. I also have a video that I made on the computer with all the pictures from our past trips. If that doesn’t help – I get online and start planning the next trip! 🙂


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