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A Dream is a Wish your Heart Makes…When You’re Fast Asleep

It’s the end of a long week, and since I am pretty tired, it gave me the great idea to talk about our favorite places to chill out, relax, or even take a quick cat nap while at Walt Disney World.  Some may say “Why on earth would you go all the way to FL and spend all that money just to wind up sleeping on some ride?” Well, if you are one of those asking that, you clearly haven’t been to WDW.  Walking for hours on end mixing with the hot Florida sun make that sweet air conditioned ride the most amazing comfortable spot to shut your eyes on.

Let’s talk about the best spots to chill out.

Magic Kingdom

We always recommend that you save the air-conditioned rides for the afternoon when you are the most worn down.  The best places to take a nap are the Hall of Presidents and the Carousel of Progress, because the shows usually last 15 minutes and longer.  I can’t tell you how much of a lifesaver the COP was for me when I was battling a horrible headache. I sat in the back row, took some Excederin, and laid my head back the entire show.  I have seen it many times before, so I didn’t feel I was missing anything, plus I was able to enjoy the rest of the day after having the time out.

Magic Kingdom has a lot of sweet spots to unwind, it’s just a matter of looking for them. About half-way down Main Street, to your right as you walk towards the castle, is a little street that has a dead-end.  Café tables and chair are set up here, and it’s a great spot for enjoying a snack and getting out of the crowds.   If you head on over to the backside of Space Mountain, there is a path that leads to Mickey’s Toon Town. Besides the occasional train running by, it’s a beautiful, quiet walkway to relax on.


Rule of thumb is this…any show that has comfortable seating and lasts more than 15 minutes is great for a nap.  Ellen’s Energy Adventure isn’t the most comfortable, but is long enough to close your eyes for a bit. Our little Jessie girl has been known to fall asleep on Spaceship Earth, it’s a bit easier when mom or dad are holding you up.  The American Adventure has the makings of a nap…dark theater, very cozy seats, and a long show.  On another trip I was quite tired, so my Mom and I sat at one of the café tables outside the America Pavillion.  I put my head down on the table for a while as my mom read her book, it was really nice and much-needed.

Several places among the World Showcase have hidden nooks where you can sit on a bench away from the crowds and unwind. Besides the American Pavillion, we really enjoy the garden area in the UK and the waterfall area in Canada.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Are your dogs barking? Translation: are your feet tired? Check out the Animation Courtyard area for a quick sit, or the curbs that line the areas around Star Tours.  Not only are these great areas to sit, but the music and people watching are always an enjoyable past time sport.  To fully get away from the larger crowds, head to the back streets where you can sit on the brownstone steps and enjoy the scenery of the backlot.  I can’t really think of any shows here that you would be able to relax at. “Beauty and the Beast” is outside, and the benches usually make us sore, so no relaxing moments there.  You will also never find a relaxing moment at any of the 3D shows…too much going on there to get a wink of sleep.   We have found that the benches outside the Drawing Class are very comfortable and have been known to put us to sleep a time or two waiting for the next class to start.

Animal Kingdom

The best spots for a bit of self-reflection and moments of peace are hidden pretty well.  Look off the main paths and usually there will be small ones that lead off to a bench area in a remote and quaint spot.  The main animal trails are also great for sitting a spell, but there won’t be any privacy on these.

If you haven’t found a spot to get a comfy cat nap in, head back to your Resort and enjoy the best  place to chill out in…your room.  Sweet dreams.

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